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5 January 2012

January 13, 2012

We woke up and made Cream of Wheat for breakfast. We had to return the rental car because it kept beeping at us that it was time to change the oil and when I called them about it, they asked us to come in and exchange it. So, we organized our junk in it (we had spread out some during the trip so far) and headed to the airport. We got there and got it exchanged and in the process, got upgraded to a Chevrolet Impala. I now fell like I am driving a small navy ship (perhaps a destroyer but not a battleship). It has a ton of space but a wider turning radius and poorer mileage so I am not as happy with it. But I also did not want to wait any longer at the car rental place, which we had already done for a while). We had already gotten some ice for the ice chest so we headed back to Spencer Beach to make plans for the evening and plans for our time in Ho’okena.

We made an early dinner of spaghetti and then headed out to do a better job of surveying the North Kona sites based on our afternoon revisiting of the Coqui Road surveys from 2007 and 2009. We visited a number of sites in North Kona and never heard enough frogs calling to warrant stopping to collect, despite good rains the night before and decent air temperature (67 F according to the car thermometer). We stopped at target so I could get a blanket and some glasses and bowls and then headed home. We got to bed early and for the first time since we arrived, we got a decent night’s sleep.

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